GHG Emissions Assessment

Accurate Carbon Footprint Analysis for Informed Decision Making.

Paris-Aligned Target Setting

Setting Realistic, Science-Based Sustainability Goals.

Decarbonisation Strategy Development

Crafting Customised Plans for Sustainable Success.

Board Member Training and Engagement

Empowering Leadership for Sustainable Governance.

Why ImpactVisible?

Expertise Meets Innovation: We blend deep insights into Private Equity with innovative strategies to not only meet but exceed Net Zero targets.

Tailor-Made Solutions: Your investment portfolio is unique. So are our strategies. Designed to fit your specific needs, our approach ensures compliance, leadership, and tangible progress towards sustainability.

Credibility and Impact: Rooted in global standards, our strategies are both credible and effective, steering your firm towards becoming a beacon of sustainability in the investment world.

Our Approach

From emissions analysis to strategic carbon reduction planning, we integrate climate considerations into every investment decision, positioning your firm as a leader in sustainability and making real strides towards Net Zero. In carrying out our activities, we incorporate a diverse array of standards and frameworks recognised in the impact investing industry, including the ones listed below: